"Bey Bee" JUST DRY sheet is a multilayer product, the main stay of which is a water proof, breathable membrane bonded to a very cozy top surface this layer prevents water or liquids from going down, but allows moisture to pass through the entire fabric, giving comfort to the skin. The "Bey Bee" JUST DRY Sheet also dries faster as the membrane promotes the removal of water vapour, a revolution in bed protector.
"Bey Bee" JUST DRY sheet is the most Soft, Breathable, Hygienic, Baby Care Sheet ensures that you get the most of this sight by keeping your baby dry, so that baby gets an undisturbed and sound sleep. It locks wetness and dries instantaneously, thus ensuring hygiene by protecting your child's soft and sensitive skin. Babies need care and love when they sleep, and "Bey Bee" JUST DRY Sheet does just that by giving your baby a healthy and cosy nap. Its breathable membrane allows the air to pass and enhance comfort level of our little ones, while they relax.
it's time to say No to crying, No to rashes, No to bacteria; just Yes to "Bey Bee" JUST DRY Sheet For your child's soft sleep. Say good-bye to non absorbent and hard plastic sheets and embrace the latest revolution in baby care with the new "Bey Bee" JUST DRY – baby care sheet, Child Care Sheet, Infant Care Sheet which is soft, absorbent and waterproof.

Silent Feature

1. Ultimate allergy protection
2. Superior protection against bed-wetting
3. Effective bacteria and dust mite prevention, which are causes of asthma, eczema, rhinitis etc.
4. Protects against allergens, human skin cells, dust and pet dander
5. Air vapour breathable, durable, waterproof and absorbent
6. Dries faster
7. Light weight
8. No or minimal rashes
9. Highly hygienic
10. Diaper free nights
11. No feeling of heat
12. Cozy, smooth, Cool & silky feeling
13. Uninterrupted sleep
14. Hold 8 times its weight of water